RM "Indigo" (2022)

While editing this I realized that I jinked myself tremendously. If you can stick it out to hear the full review, then you'll hear how I doomed myself to not upload this when it dropped, too.

That realization aside, I'm still listening to the album and enjoying its facets. It's a unique piece. I apologize for the way this episode drags on... it's a reflection of early morning recording, for real.

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Thank you for waiting.

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**Introduction [:

Ashley introduces the podcast and discusses Kim Nam-joon's (RM) first solo album "Indigo".

: Yun [:

Ashley discusses the first track of the album, "Yun", and its meaning. She also talks about the collaboration with Erykah Badu and the lyrics of the song.

: Still Life[:

Ashley talks about the second track of the album, "Still Life", and its intro and outro. She also discusses the collaboration with Anderson .Paak and the lyrics of the song and RM's artistic expression and reflection on life as an artist.

: All Day (feat. Tablo) [:

A fun, decent tempo song with energetic and reflective lyrics, featuring classic BTS RM and Tablo's rap.

wledging BTS within the work [:

A feel-good song about the joy of simplicity and existence, with a pleasurable sound and a word play on BTS's work.

**Reflections on one's past [:

A short, guitar-only song with lovely vocals and harmonization, about forgetting the past and the increasing responsibilities of being an artist.

**Reflection on Fame [:

Ashley discusses the challenges of fame and how it affects artists' personal lives.

**Mahalia and UK Artists [:

Ashley discusses the UK artist Mahalia and her feature on the album, as well as the importance of representing different regions in music.

**Conclusion of the Album [:

Ashley gives her overall thoughts on the album, praising its experimental nature and layering, but also noting the possible limitations for newer ("younger") fans of RM's work.

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